When it comes to your friends and family, Zero Fatalities is the only acceptable number

Zero Fatalities is all about eliminating fatalities on our roadways. Some people may think zero is an impossible goal, but when it comes to your life, or the lives of your friends and family, what other number would be acceptable? We’re aiming for Zero Fatalities because everyone matters. So start by saving your own life and join us on the road to Zero Fatalities today.

Lives Lost


2019 Utah Traffic Fatalities to Date

The Zero Report Card


fatalities January 1 to Oct, 2018


fatalities January 1 to Oct, 2019

The Zero Report Card


We can reach our ultimate goal and it all starts by learning to avoid the 5 deadly driving behaviors.

Drowsy Driving
Distracted Driving
Aggressive Driving
Impaired Driving
Not Buckling Up

Upcoming Events

It’s easy to ignore a statistic, but when it comes to your own life, or the life of a loved one, even one fatality is too many. In order to teach the importance of Zero, and how we can get there, we host several events throughout the year with parents and students both welcome.

December 9, 2019
Richfield High Parent Night @ 5PM

December 9, 2019
Manti High Parent Night @ 7:10PM

December 10, 2019
Northridge High Parent Night @ 6:30PM

December 16, 2019
West Jordan High Parent Night @ 6PM

December 17, 2019
Spanish Fork High Parent Night @ 6PM

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